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Sit down next to me

We recently had snow. We rarely have snow in Pembrokeshire so it was so exciting.I could not resist trying to make a snow Angel. I can no longer get up and down off the floor easily but while I still can- (even in my funny way) I will. About a week before I had my stroke, I was waiting for a train and there was no seats available to sit and wait for the train to come in. It was such an insignificant thing at the time but I sat on the floor by a few teenagers. I remember thinking to myself "at what age is it considered too old to sit on the floor" It was only a passing thought and if I had not found myself with half my body paralysed and unable to walk, anything I would have thought no more of it.  As a Mum of a then seven year old I had spent a lot of the past seven years on the floor. My biggest goal was to walk but it was also so important to me to know I could sit on the floor again and of course equally as important that I could get back up again. Whe

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